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Therapy to address your concerns and goals

This therapy aims to address your issues that are concerning to you. We have many blocks in life and do our best to manage them. This therapy is to offer a consultation to you about your challenges, in a supportive way. It may broaden your perspectives about your life, and offer hope for real life situations. Therapy is geared to achieving your desired outcomes.

It is possible to have relationships that are supportive, loving and compassionate. This is attainable!

More details:

A session with me is about creating a space to explore new understandings of yourself, and to allow room for opinions, judgments, and obstacles to emerge. Together, we will explore the tough parts of your experiences, with the aim of your feeling understood and supported. This is to enable you to discover ways of adapting and moving forward into a more open future.

In our conversations together, your expectations and understandings may surface. This is an opportunity to reflect on your values, goals and aspirations, and take steps to integrate the outcome that you desire. It’s all in how you want to live your life!