Sex Therapy & Other Models

Sexual issues can be addressed on an individual or couple basis, about one’s  identity, gender, relationships and preferences. A sex-positive approach reinforces sexual functioning that is respectful, consensual, safe and pleasurable. It ensures diversity for desires, genders, orientations and relationships, across the human ages and in spite of medical conditions.

I have studied numerous other therapy models over the years, and integrate parts of them into an Eclectic approach. I have used EMDR at times, Experiential work and  Biopsychosocial Therapy.  Mindfulness helps a person attune to the body and quiet the mind.

Meditation can be beneficial on many levels, from having an effect on mood, stress, pain, cravings and brain chemistry. (  It gives a person practice in letting go of thoughts and preoccupations while focusing on the breath, reducing mental tension, and experiencing calmness. A 60 second meditation can be part of a therapy session, if desired.